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Kernel Comparison: Linux (2.6.22) versus Windows (Vista)




Kernel Development

Development (kernel) Linux Windows
development modelopen sourceclosed source
development cycle time -major release35 months'3063 months'31
development cycle time -minor release3 months'3031 months'31
development cycle time -patch releaseongoingongoing
development process - simpleYN
modularity - highYN


OS/Kernel Release

OS42/Kernel Release Linux Windows
OS42 / kernel releases synchronised (generally)NY
kernel release used unpatched in OS42 (generally)NY


Driver Development

Development (drivers) Linux Windows
development modelopen source

closed source (few binary drivers)

closed source
driver authors (in general)community

manufacturer (source or binary)

constant kernel ABI5NY
drivers in kernel source tree5, 9Y

N (few binary drivers9)

binary driver testing (as part of release)N

Y (few)



Kernel Compiler

Kernel Compiler Linux Windows
compiler - additional-'closed SEH/VEH
compiler version3.2-4.3'closed
compiler - alternativeIntel icc (not recommended)-




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