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Kernel Comparison Linux vs Windows

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Kernel Comparison: Linux (3.1.0 2.6.28) versus Windows (7 SP1 Vista SP1)

Everything you always wanted to know about your kernel (but were afraid to ask)4




This aims to be the most comprehensive0 kernel12 comparison3 of the most popular server kernel versus the most popular client kernel. Currently this is Linux 2.6.28 kernel versus Windows Vista SP1 kernel. Coming in 2018 is Linux 4.x versus Windows 10. This is a wiki - get involved! Now is the time to improve Issues with the original version.

Compared Kernel

Compared Version

Compared Kernel12 Linux Windows
OS Linux 2.6.28 Vista SP1
Version Linux NT 6.0.6001
Date Q1 2009 Q1 2008


Initial Release

Compared Kernel12 Linux Windows
OS Linux 2.6.28 Vista
Version Linux 2.6.28 NT 6.0.6000
Date Q4 2008 Q1 2007


Kernel Release News

Latest Release

Latest Kernel12 Linux Windows
OS Linux 3.0 Windows 7 SP1
Version Linux 3.0.x NT 6.1
Date Q3 2011 Q1 2011




Please note - update coming! Linux 4.x and Windows 10 is in progress. 2018.

Linux 3.0 released Q3 2011

Windows 7 released Q4 2009

Vista SP1 released Q1 2008

2.6.24 is out 10 February 2008

2.6.22 landed 9 July 2007

Site redesign 9 May 2007

The first Vista comparison is available today 27 April 2007



I'm pleased to announce that Paolo De Nictolis has joined my previously single-handed effort. Johnathon Weare



To report errors or edit this wiki jrweare@gmail.com.



This comparison is ultimately my point of view. The wiki can be edited by registered users - please ask for invitation. It aims to be objective through being independent, open to input, and open to new editors. In fact, the original information, and idea which inspired this, are thanks to Mark Russinovich TechEd 2004 - Session: Mark Russinovich 'Linux and Windows Kernel Comparison' '. This project currently goes without funding, simply relying on any spare time we get. Please help support this project. Special thanks goes to the excellent pbworks.com for hosting.



better or more flexible vs. worse or less flexible, neutral or controversial. 



Windows, Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003 are registered trademarks of Microsoft. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. The views here are opinions only, not endorsed or affiliated with any organization. No warranty is given for the accuracy of this site, and no liability can be taken. The images are taken from Wikipedia unless credited, and used under fair-use policy or other.





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